Girly Fish Tattoos

Girly Fish Tattoos

You may be surprised why people inked fish tattoos on their body. In fact fish has long intimacy with human being. It has a lot of symbolic meanings in many cultures across the history. In Christianity, the fish is a symbol of abundance and faith. Today, most fish tattoos are related to the koi fish tattoos, which originated from East Asia.
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Girly Fish Tattoos

Fish also means good fortune or luck, happiness, knowledge. Of course, people may love fish tattoos for no reasons, just for cool. In this post, I have collected 50 awesome fish tattoo designs inked on different parts of body in variety of colors. Do Pin It if you love any of them.
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Girly Fish Tattoos

In China, fish of certain colors embodied definite family members. Thus, the red fish personified a mother and the blue fish was the embodiment of the son. This pattern extends from the shoulder to the shoulder blade and represents two fish with flowers, which can indicate strong family ties between the mother and her child.
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Girly Fish Tattoos

The half sleeve is adorned with two Chinese fish: a blue fish and a red one, they intersect, the background of the ink is made in dark tones. This fish image resonates with the sign Yin Yang, which denotes the world unity, this tattoo gives people strength to overcome difficulties, and provides a spiritual balance in difficult situations. Thus, the total meaning is a highly spiritual and harmonious personality.
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Girly Fish Tattoos

This golden fish is depicted in blue water with red water lilies and the pattern extends from the shoulder to the back. In Western culture, the water lily pattern connoted the connection between the past and the present and the koi fish was about the struggle for the high ideals. Here the fish is displayed in the quiescent state, which can convey the ending of the internal strife and a satisfactory result.
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Girly Fish Tattoos

The denotations of the lotus and the koi fish in Eastern culture are the following: the lotus conveys immortality, and the fish is the mark of intelligence and spiritual enlightenment. The pattern on the shoulder below presents a green and black fish with a pink lotus and small blue flowers, the figure is about the striving for development.
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Girly Fish Tattoos

This thigh fish ink displays a black and white koi fish, surrounded by a pink and blue lotus, the tattoo is placed on the hip and the part of the side. A lotus is a remarkable symbol of East and in this case, this flower complements the signification of this design. The whole picture is about a spiritual growth and the inner strength of a person.

Girly Fish Tattoos

This fish tattoo looks fantastic on the half sleeve, a red and yellow fish is swimming through dark water. In Chinese tales, a carp swam across a holy river and then turned into a dragon, so that it can be an emblem of hard work, which has brought success. So, this wonderful design illustrates Chinese traditions.
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In nature, a carp swims long distances in search of spawning, it is constantly fighting for its life. In this case, the koi fish tattoo indicates a person, who builds his life and who is not influenced by external circumstances. This maroon fish on the half sleeve, combined with orange flowers, may reveal this idea.
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This absolutely gorgeous blue koi fish is located on the half sleeve. In many cultures, it signifies the spiritual self-improvement, as it is quite difficult to catch the fish with bare hands, so it is very problematic to achieve the inner harmony. This tight ink may serve as the example of this point of view.
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This Japanese koi fish tattoo adorns the half sleeve; the pattern is made in vivid black, red and blue colors. In the East, the carp is the king of all fish, which exist in the depths of the water. So, this tattoo may be worn by the confident person, who is the master of his destiny.
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For many nations, a koi fish is a source of inspiration, as it gives people hope for the successful achievement of all goals. This huge blue fish decorates the part of the back, the additional elements of this bright ink are various flowers. The idea of the person with ambitious goals is disclosed here.
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Two Japanese fish, performed in black and red colors, with little cute flowers are the decoration of the man’s hip. In many stories, two fish speak about a sensual and amorous relationship between a man and a woman, this point of view is demonstrated in this stunning tattoo.
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In diverse corners of the world, there are various interpretations of koi fish patterns, but the conventional signification is luck and prosperity. Here the half sleeve is adorned with extremely vibrant fish image and this ink may be a lucky talisman for the owner.
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This monochrome ink is the adornment of the half sleeve. In Japan, a koi fish is a male symbol, in ancient times, in homes, where the boys were born, there were flags with the images of this fish. Now the connotation has altered and it is about a joyful and prosperous family life, so despite the lack of bright colors, this ink carries a favorable denotation.
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In Egypt, the lotus was the sign of immortality and rebirth. In many cultures, a koi fish is a spiritual revival, so this vibrant fish tattoo with red contours and a yellow and blue lotus on the lower leg is worn by the person, who has decided to start a new life.
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These glorious fish and two pink lotuses and a one purple flower in the center of the design look very appealing on the woman’s chest. In Hinduism, a lotus conveyed the universe, here five Japanese fish are swimming in crystal clear water, the connotation of the ornament is very deep, it is connected with the spiritual cleansing of an individual from earthly passions.
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This emerald fish looks very organically on the chest, a black and white background only emphasizes the brightness of the picture and does not distract attention from the main image. In Eastern culture, a koi fish figure helps to change the reality, it gives the belief that a person can independently manage his life.
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In all cultures, the figure of two fish implies a fortunate union of a man and a woman, their spiritual compatibility. A couple of these two gray fish on the shoulder and the shoulder blade may come up with this idea.
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This tramp stamp fish tattoo is the embellishment, which adds attractiveness to the woman. This picture has emerged in the depths of the Japanese culture and it conveyed a joyful, happy and prosperous life of the owner. It is likely that this bright fish is a mark of an emotional satisfaction.
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This stunning tattoo is the decoration of the half sleeve. It is done in a golden color; pink flowers add charm to this ink. In Chinese culture, a koi fish was the personification of the emperor, who had superiority over others. So, this great ink is about an intelligent man, in whose hands power and authority are concentrated.
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In Buddhism, the koi fish symbolizes two paramount parts of the human life: the physical side and the spiritual one. This tribal pattern on the shoulder looks awesome, it shows the longevity, luckiness and fearless of the owner.
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Dahlias are flowers, which love the sun and heat, they die in the shade. Here the pink and golden fish in combination with blue and crimson dahlias on the forearm can talk about an energetic and freedom-loving personality.
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The Chinese believed that a carp figure was special since it motivated people to overcome the highly complex tasks. Thus, the red fish with blue splashes of water on the lower leg may resemble a man, who proudly overcomes challenges, which life offers.
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This vivid figure covers the whole back and represents a very complicated pattern: a Chinese ancient red warrior is holding a dagger in his mouth and he clings to the black fish. The color spectrum incorporates black, red and yellow colors and this ornament may be about a person, who is in a confrontation with himself and who eradicates his weaknesses.
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Many nations reckon that the carp pattern is about the independence of the body and the soul, it says about luck, which always accompanies the man. This monochrome fish, performed in a technique of realism, looks nice on the ribs and denotes that the owner of this ink is a lucky beggar.
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This dope tattoo on the back portrays an orange fish, surrounded by colorful flowers, it is fighting with the whirlpool. This incredible ornament says that a human has already passed half way to achieving his goals and he believes in himself.
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For Buddhists, a koi fish is the embodiment of a fearless and courageous man, who is strong not only physically but also mentally; a person has the ability to break down all barriers and charge the rest of the people with inexhaustible optimism. Here a gold carp on a blue background with pink flowers around it can be a great accessory for the side of the body. The denotation of the tattoo is a cheerful and brave personality.

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